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The Body pendulum 


a great total body workout for you!


Winning the Battle of the Bulge!!!

Why do we always run to outside sources when we are looking for answers about our selves? Go inside to seek your truth ASK YOUR NAVIGATOR

Do you feel like a buoy in the water? Is there an anchor attached to your boat? "GET THE BOLT CUTTER AND CUT IT OFF"! You are going to love this! If you are suffering from cancer,or any other debilitating disease, I have some advice for you! 

Feeling awesome today I cut my anchor! it's 22 minutes but please watch it ,it just might help you figure some things out!

This video asks the question "ARE YOU A FREE THINKER"?

This video is my personal views of the issues with todays Youth

This video is a story of me and how I have became the healer I am

This is a description of my amazing organic skincare I created in my own kitchen! 

This is information on how to apply my wonderful Youth Eternal skincare Oil

This video is about the emotions of cancer by my friend and fellow healer Craig Soucy

This video is a discussion between myself and other healers about Todays youth hosted by my friend and fellow healer Craig