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tippyderango <>
3:23 PM (17 hours ago)
August 9,2016

to me 
I wanted to reach out to all of those clients of yours and others who are really going through a tough time being in pain & movement with severe pain. That type of pain that takes away your motivation as well as self confidence in who you are as a person.

That was the type of pain that I had a year in a half ago, where I couldn't even walk without severe pain in both my heals .This pain was with me for over 10 years. I remember how I had to tape both ankles just to be able to walk .

This pain developed over the years from me competing in professional tennis.

Today after over a year of treatments with you I am healed! 
I never thought I would ever say my heals are healed .
You gave me hope again to jump back on stage.

Kelly , I thank you for your incredible gift to heal . I can honestly say that I am walking, training again and back on the tennis courts pain free .
My life is renewed thanks to you.

Today my job is to train and develop high-performance tennis players who have dreams of greatness .

I could not and would not have the confidence I have now in my life/job , if it wasn't for your incredible healing methods.

I'm pain free and back doing what I do best and that is being on the tennis court training high performance champions.

I never thought I would ever walk again. Those of you out there who are struggling, and want to be back to normal, I highly recommend for you to please go see Kelly. She has a gift to heal.

Thank you for giving my life back
To normal.

Billy DeRango
High Performance Tennis Coach   

Yolanda Medrano Wow.. I know what you mean Billy!!
My life was changed dramatically after meeting Kelly Novak!! I have suffered with seizures for over 20 years of my life,,
to the point that I was seizing 3 to 5 times a week.. very draining needless to say I really didn't have much of a life either medicated or asleep all will power was fading away. 
A good friend of mine Victoria introduce me to her telling me I really needed to see her and boy was she right!
2 years later I am happy to say that not only has she help me control my seizures to where the longest I have gone without one has been 3 months!! But there is something that she did for me that I'm thankful for more than helping me with my health... Kelly Novak introduced me to a different way of living where there is no hate ,fear,resentment, or judgement in my world anymore!! For that I will be forever grateful..��
My sweet sweet sister I thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening me up to a much happier life to her now you have taught me to do the same for others I have never been happier and I am now I think my loving Creator and you!��
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Kelly Novak Thank you Dear Yolanda Medrano You have changed my life as well by becoming a true friend and allowing me to show you the beauty in life and how amazing it can be! By teaching you how to heal yourself as well as others!

Billys testmonial to Kelly Ann

Bill Derango <>
9:58 AM    May 18,2015

to me 
Kelly ,I want to leave a testimonial on your web, however couldn't figure out how to set it up.
Can you post it for me....1st I would like to let you know that you are a very special person to me and with a great big heart;
I am grateful that you have come into my life. Thank you sweetie....for being a special angel from above.

Billy's Testimonial....
It is with great pleasure that I would like everyone to know about Kelly Ann and her incredible gift for healing;
I 'm a former professional athlete and current high performance tennis coach training and developing high performance tennis players. Over the many years of wear an tear on my body competing at a high level in tennis I started to experience my body breaking down.
Fatigue, scare tissue and unbearable pain in my joints and muscles began to effect my energy and motivation to get up in the mornings along with many sleepless nights of pain. Needless to say I was beginning to flat line and lose my motivation and energy.

Then an" Angel" came into my life--Kelly Ann!
I prayed to God that he would send me a message on what direction I could take to help me relieve this pain from life.
That's when he sent me to Kelly.

What a miracle! A Healing from above down to the spiritual hands of Kelly Ann.
Kelly was able to gradually remove all the years of inflammation that built up on my entire body.
Before I met Kelly Ann I couldn't walk and play tennis any longer, and more importantly couldn't demonstrate the skills I learned over the years as a professional to teach to all my high level tennis students.
Tennis is and was my life, my passion ,and so you can understand why I was getting pretty depressed.
So, now after 4 weeks of her magic healing hands , I am so amazed on how slowly that I am beginning to walk , run, play tennis and demonstrate the high level skills that I once had in my early 20's --- free of pain. 
I will continue my treatments weekly with her to continue my quest to feel young and vibrant once again. Im back!!!

Folks, I don't need to say anymore...come see Kelly Ann. I have sent my friends over to her . What an incredible experience they have had just like me. I can sleep at night again and wake up to no more pain .

Last, you got to try her skin care oil. Amazing on how your skin will look so much younger and healthier....a must do!

Thank You Kelly Ann for changing my life .



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  • Kelly Novak
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Henderson, NV
James W.
5.0 star rating 10/7/2015
Don't miss this opportunity. I've been a client for yrs, have tried others for comparison , there isn't any. She makes her own oils,really. The atmosphere is the best I have ever experienced, her techniques are amazing and you'll feel amazing afterwards.  Worth the time and every penny. Seriously if you need some healing see this woman , plus she's gorgeous . A win win situation.

Alina G.
Las Vegas, NV

5.0 star rating 9/28/2015
Kelly Ann is a fantastic healer, her Reisage technique is fabulous. I have used her for several months by now every week and I can see a significant improvement in my overall physical being. My energetic level has also increased.
I highly recommend her.

Sabina A.
Las Vegas, NV

5.0 star rating 6/30/2014
Kellyann is amazing!!! An intuitive, spiritual healer with a heart of gold. This is more than a massage, for she will heal your body, mind and soul! She had a special oil already prepared for me with all of my favorite smells, which made the experience feel so personal and luxurious.
Kellyann is an angel, and my experience was heavenly!

 Steve R.
Steve R.
Las Vegas, NV

5.0 star rating 11/7/2013
I had the chance to meet and enjoy a reiki massage session with Kelly Ann.  I have never experience the mix of healing energy with fantastic massage technique as I did with Kelly Ann.  

The environment immediately gives you a sense of comfort that allows you to relax and enjoy.  I am still moved by the session hours after my first visit.   There was a point where I was so relaxed I could have drifted off to sleep.
The session was a great experience.

 Craig S.
Craig S.
Las Vegas, NV

5.0 star rating 6/28/2013
I have been going to KellyAnn for a long time now.  She gives literally the best massage in town.  By adding Reiki techniques to her massage she relives tension and stress differently then anyone in Las Vegas.  She has created a healing environment that relaxes you as soon as you walk in the front door.  She takes her time and is NOT a clock watcher.  She finishes when the problems are solved and not a minute sooner.  I recommend Kelly for locals as well as out of town guests.

Doug W.
Napa, CA
5.0 star rating 5/30/2013
Kelly has a gift and is a gift to those fortunate enough to experience the energy that flows through her.

Elizabeth L.
Henderson, NV
5.0 star rating 11/6/2012
Kelly is amazing.  I will recommend her to all my friends and clients.  I have never felt this good after a massage.  Liz

5.0 star rating
First to Review

I came across Kellyann via a yelp search for healing massage, as what I was searching for was more than what a basic swedish/deep tissue massage could offer. I contacted her and within the hour we set up an appt. I arrived at her home which is in a nice gated community. She greeted me at the door with a big smile and hug, led me to her studio, which was welcoming & beautifully decorated. The energy in the room was well balanced, immediately producing a calming effect and was just what I needed. She showed me to the bathroom and instructed me to rinse off and then lie down on the table when I was ready.

Once rinsed and on the table she came in and asked me what needed to be worked on, we talked about my sore spots, the negative energies in my life that were causing blockages and what I hoped to get out of our session.

I have had a reiki massage once before and was not impressed, this was not the case with Kellyann. She worked her magical hands all over me, focusing on my sore spots repeatedly, clearing the blockages stress and negative energy had built up, refocusing and balancing my energy and incorporating an amazing full body massage that rivals any swedish/deep tissue massage I've had and I've had plenty. I was impressed and happy that she even massaged my buttocks and chest area, two areas that are sadly over looked but important as they are major muscles and areas that hold a lot of stress and are connected to everything else. 

As she worked on me we talked about our lives and experiences and I got to see beyond the masseuse that she's an amazing person, full of life, beauty and passion for what she does. A true healer, not just in the sense of massage but also through her energy which she so willingly shares. 

I left feeling amazing, satisfied, balanced and re-energized. It's a week later as I write this review and am happy to say I still feel great and look forward to seeing her the next time I am in town. 

For those interested in the financial part I paid $200 for 2 hours which is very reasonable and well priced for the work she did. If you are use to paying $40 for a massage then you may find her prices high. If you are use to paying high end spa prices of $120+ for a massage then her prices are a bargain considering the massage you get from her will rival and surpass any you can get at a spa.

           For Reiki,Massage on April 21, 2013.

I've been a client Kelly Ann for several years. I recently booked a one hour Swedish/reiki session with her, and as usual left impressed by the professional quality massage I received at a reasonable rate. It's obvious that Kelly Ann is a highly trained professional as her massage skills rival if not exceed those you find in a high end spa. Her massage room in her beautiful home is spotless and well appointed, with a shower available if needed. It's amazing to feel the power of her reiki healing energy flowing from her hands. At the end of the session you will feel like a new person!! I highly recommend Kelly Ann to everyone who appreciates a quality massage.

  For Reiki,Massage on April 26, 2013 regarding Need a Massage Therapist.

New Review on 

I just got back home from a Heavenly time with my new friend. Kelly Ann is amazing and I cannot believe what she did for me. This is a Mind Body and Soul transformation. She took the time listen to my needs and work all all the areas that needed attention. I am not only lucky that I found someone that can help me from the inside out and from the outside in. There is no place that was not healed in some way or another by Kelly. She is Love!
For Reiki,Massage on April 28, 2013.

I just had a heavenly massage by Kelly Ann today. I have some shoulder and back issues what without pain killers hard to bear. She did some reiki and then the massage. Afterwords I felt like a brand new person. I could move my arm in every direction aaaand No pain. What a relief!! Thank you Kelly Ann :) I haven't felt better for a long while.
I just call you an Angel who really does miracles
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Hi Kelly Ann, 

You have a new review from Steve R. for " Reiki,Massage":

I am new to Las Vegas and very happy to have found Kelly Ann. Her blend of traditional massage with Reiki healing is one of the best massage experiences that I have ever had. As soon as you arrive you are welcomed into a lovely home with a dedicated room for healing and relaxing. There is no real way to describe the level of comfort and professionalism that Kelly Ann gives to her clients. A truly unique massage that you will want to return for. 


Hi Kelly,   


I just wanted to thank you again for such an wonderful massage and
the outstanding chili. Wow!! is there anything that your not
amazing at doing.  You are truly a special person!! I am so glad I
had the opportunity to meet you and get to know a little bit about
you. Really looking forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you

Have a wonderful night,

            For Reiki,Massage on May 3, 2013.New Review on from Scott S

.  I was in Las Vegas visiting and after a long, hot day walking on the strip with my backpack full of camera gear, my shoulders, neck and legs were in quite a bit of pain. I found Kelly Ann's website and thought I would give her a try. 

Making an appointment with her was as easy as calling her. She was pleasant and professional to deal with on the phone. She sent me directions that were easy to follow, even for a tourist. 

Upon arriving at Kelly Ann's upscale area, I was greeted with a warm and compassionate smile and invited into an immaculate home. Kelly Ann introduced herself and escorted me to her Reiki studio which includes a full bathroom with shower separate from her work/therapy area. The bathroom was very clean and well equipped with quality linens and bath products. 

The studio was also very clean and well organized with a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. The massage table Kelly Ann uses is very wide and comfortable and felt solid when I laid down on it. 

Before starting, Kelly Ann took the time to understand my needs and what areas of concern I had. Using he r gift of Reiki, she worked on my shoulders and neck. She even brought to my attention areas of my body that I had no idea were tense. 

The technique and movements she uses to work the muscles is truly amazing. Her healing power is even more amazing. I noticed this especially in my calves because they are usually too sensitive to even be touched lightly. Kelly Ann was able to work them easily without any discomfort. 

Thirty minutes after leaving I was amazed at how good my whole body felt. I noticed especially in my legs, which felt twenty years younger. My aches and pains gone. I felt rejuvenated.

All in all, five stars is not enough for what she provides - you get so much more then just a massage - you get her master touch and love of healing the body.

Thank you, Kellyann
  • Kelly has relocated to a new beautiful location. She does an outstanding job with her Reiki massage and her other healing modalities. You will enjoy the healing experiences Kelly can provide.

  • I've been going to Kelly for more than 4 years now. Each time I go to Las Vegas, a massage at Heavenly Healing Hands is a must stop. I have gone through many massage therapists over the years and Kelly is the best I have ever experienced. I only wish that I did not live 300 miles away from her. Can't wait to see you again!
Bob Hampton 12/18/2012 5:24:22 PM (GMT)

I recently had my first massage with Kelly. From feeling the peacefulness as I walked through the front door and the healing energy throughout the massage, I am honored to give my total recommendation to all who are seeking a true professional, spiritual massage.
Al B. 1/7/2012 10:14:07 PM (GMT)

Best massage I've ever had. Love Al & Amanda

5.0 star rating

Linda Lathrop
6:47 PM (18 hours ago)
to me
Hello! This is Linda. Wanted to thank you for the massage and therapy session yesterday. I felt a lot of relief from the session. I was really thirsty afterward & drank lots of water. I was exhausted emotionally, since you obviously pulled a lot of things out of me, which tells me I had A LOT of toxins built up in my body and I needed to do this more often.   I will definitely be coming back, but I'm unsure how regular that might be. I will also be referring others to you as well. The couple's night sounds amazing! Thank you for having me at your beautiful home & for your expertise.
  Thomas M. Harmon     07/15/2013     
5.0 star rating

Jul 14 (1 day ago)
to me
Just wanted to say I booked my first healing session with Kellyann last Friday as my regular massage therapist had moved.  I was shopping around and found Kellyann's ad online and decided the professionalism she presented warranted booking an appointment.  From the moment I arrived Kellyann made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  She has a wonderful energy about her and it's obvious she takes her avocation seriously.  I loved every minute of my time with her and felt rejuvenated and stress/pain free on leaving.  I  highly recommend her services and have already booked my next session.

Thanks Kellyann

Tom Harmon 
Photo of Craig S.
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5.0 star rating

I have been going to KellyAnn for a long time now.  She gives literally the best massage in town.  By adding Reiki techniques to her massage she relives tension and stress differently then anyone in Las Vegas.  She has created a healing environment that relaxes you as soon as you walk in the front door.  She takes her time and is NOT a clock watcher.  She finishes when the problems are solved and not a minute sooner.  I recommend Kelly for locals as well as out of town guests.

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Photo of Doug W.
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5.0 star rating

Kelly has a gift and is a gift to those fortunate enough to experience the energy that flows through her.

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Photo of Elizabeth L.
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5.0 star rating

Kelly is amazing.  I will recommend her to all my friends and clients.  I have never felt this good after a massage.  Liz

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May 11, 2013      

I get weekly massages all over the world and can quite comfortably state that Kelly Ann is not only world class but actually in a class of her own. She combines multiple disciplines and makes it all her own. She puts you in a safe place and keeps you there for the entire treatment. As if that's not enough... She's a great communicator and has a strong positive energy that surrounds her. The real deal."

Love ya and hope this is helpful. 

Warm Regards, Robert

Jim 9/7/2012 9:04:07 PM (GMT)

Excellent massage, the best I ever had. I will be a regular customer and I have never felt this good before.
Gerald B 5/8/2012 10:46:02 PM (GMT)

Kelly Ann it was a great message, but an better time talking with you. See you in a few month.
red 3/22/2012 11:22:19 PM (GMT)

U was awesome march 22nd I am the red head u have awesome hands I will see u alot
mark callaghan 3/14/2012  6:41:55 PM (GMT)

Hi KellyAnn just wanted to give a belated thank you for a great massage!!!!! You really worked hard to give me a unique, thorough, and uniquely enjoyable massage. Definitely one of the top massages I've ever had. I will be back for sure.