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My thoughts and stories to share

Life can be compared to a rollercoaster ride.....When you buy the ticket you know you are safe because the ride operator has it all under control! You know there is a safety bar, and you know you will be ok! So you climb aboard and hold on for dear life as the roller coaster starts on the track ahead! Evan though there are so many high hills,loops and and flips,and rolls......... you get through it! ! However when the operator opens the door and raises the bar at the end? You buy another ticket and do it again! 

I wrote this last week and posted it to facebook

I no longer feel it is necessary for me to share my story 

I am not my story, I am the me that lived and learned from all my challenges, to finally create a new and better story ,releasing my past ! Too many of us feel we have had the most tragic life stories! We keep telling them over and over and over! People associate you with your story and who you were ! Not with who you have become! 
What if,.........you were to put your story to rest, and recreate yourself into the person you feel yourself to truly be? That is exactly what i decided to do ! I no longer plan to release my book of my life story! I no longer want people to associate me with my past ! I want people to know me as the loving ,kind,and compassionate person that I am, and I have chosen to use my many spiritual gifts to help as many people and animals that come to me as I can . It is truly an honor to be a facilitator of healing .. I am grateful for every person,challenges,and experiences in my life! with no judgement! I have realized that If people would stop judging other people, situations,and experiences as good or bad, and just allow themselves to learn from them, and grow from them, they would evolve into the best version of themselves that they could be! 
STOP worrying about what is up ahead and enjoy the moment you are in! Otherwise you could miss out on something right in front of you 
Allow yourself to become unstuck in your lives and adopt a new perspective about what is truly important! We humans have the greatest gift of being! So many people take life for granted, they become complacent like a robot following a program, and never create a life of fun challenge and reward! Although 
life had a lot of uphills, there was always the knowing that what goes up must come back down! The situations that pop up in our lives, of which I have faced many, are there to help us grow stronger than we ever believed we could be!
When things get challenging ,just take a quick glance in the rearview mirror at how far you have come and then smile to yourself and say..... I got this !

Kelly Ann Novak
Jeff LaChappell Some great advice Kelly!
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Lee Boreland You're an amazing person, keep being you!!!
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Gary Grube You never cease to amaze me. Wow!��
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Bobby Treder Well said Kelly
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Stacy Beilman Right on Kelly! I agree with you 100%
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I wrote this ..

my story IN PROCESS

 I wrote this today about my experience at the Spartan race! Thought you would like it
 The Spartan course  itself is like life......quite challenging, and it made me dig deep pushing myself harder than I ever have! I felt every step ,every ache, every pain, and proceeded forward! 
Going up those dreaded hills so steep I struggled at times to reach the top, yet never hesitating to help anyone I could along the way! Just like life with all its uphills, there was always the knowing that one step at a time , I would get to my destination, sooner or later!  The obstacles that pop up in our lives, of which I have faced many, are there to help us grow stronger than we ever believed we could be! You always have the choice of "Do I take this obstacle?" "Or should I go around ?"

 I always know that no matter how hard it gets or how much it hurts........ "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" I chose to take those obstacles head on!  As We rounded the bend  completing the last of our obstacles , I can see the finish line is up ahead! Although exhausted , I was not beaten! I finished that race , and as that medal was placed around my neck...... I felt a feeling of accomplishment and joy ! That course  was hard, like life is from time to time,however I always knew I was going to cross that finish line,with no regrets!   I am preparing now for my next race in September, this one is 15 to 20 miles straight up the mountain in Sqaw valley THE TAHOE BEAST ! I look forward to my next big adventure.... to be announced ! Till then Have a fantastic life!

I wrote this article for my other website and am reposting here


reiki-manifestaciq-simvoli_zpsb7d1f7e6-1_zps4320b86aA few years ago a young boy age 8 was brought to me by his parents  out of desperation !(They had tried everything known to man except Reiki) The boy was half the size of his twin brother, he was very sweet and loving and suffered from chronic migraines and hyperactivity on a daily basis since he was an infant ! As I began Reiki on him a vision came to me of two babies in the womb, one was constantly stealing all the nutrition and leaving very little for the other :( The larger one constantly kicked the smaller one, and climbed on top of him ! While I was visualizing….. I asked the boy how he felt about his brother ,he said “I  love my brother, but I don’t think he likes me much,  he is so mean to me” ! I asked “Why do you think he is mean to you ” ? The boy replied in tears ; ” I think he don’t like me cuz I get more attention cuz I’m sick all times ”  I laid my hands on his head , told him to close his eyes and think happy thoughts as I gave him so much loving energy !! Suddenly he began to smile as he said ” I see bright  colored doughnuts and my daddy ”  :)  I asked him ” How do you feel right now sweetie ?”
He told me his headache was gone and he felt happy ! I asked him what made him so happy?  He replied  “when my daddy takes just me to get a doughnut and we go to the park together ” I told him whenever he feels bad just think about that ! He told me” I always feel bad cuz mommy and daddy fight all the time !” I asked him “Why do you think they fight ?” He replied ” Cuz I am always Sick !”I told him “Sweetheart , it is not your fault  your parents fight ,do not blame yourself !”

I told him he was a very special and sweet boy and had nothing to feel bad about ! He hugged me , and I took him out to his mother and brother waiting in my lobby :) It was 4:00 PM  and he was relaxed happy and pain free ! Normally he would become very hyper and misbehave around 3:30 which was the time he was getting out of school to go home, but not today ! His mother was amazed at how calm he was and the funny thing is he has never had a headache since !
I have recognized my gift of clairvoyance ,that I am able to help people by looking into their past to discover the origin of their illness or pain !

A short time later I met a 40 year old man with severe anxiety and Crohns disease! As I laid my hands upon him , there came to me a vision !

I  saw a small boy locked in a dark room crying !  I saw a woman and two young girls walking past the small dark room, but never opening the door to let him out ! There was a large man who was walking away from all of them , and leaving the boy in the dark ! I shared with my client what I saw as I laid my hands on his abdomen . He  cried “My mother never wanted me , she always locked me in the closet and told me she wished I was never born “!!! He said his father left when he was little and his sisters were given anything and everything they wanted ! He told me he was in Vegas for his mothers funeral that weekend and that he hated her so much, that he spit on her grave ! I told him that he needed to let it go and forgive her so that he can have peace within ! I told him that his crohns came from burying  his anger,his hatred and his guilt ! He cried and when he was done the pain in his abdomen was gone ! To this day three years later it still has never come back !
I have discovered that Every single disease or illness comes from buried emotions and painful experiences from childhood ! If you are feeling terrible about yourself for a long period of time, or carrying hatred, and anger ……Sooner or later  an illness will manifest itself within you guaranteed !

There have been many more experiences throughout the years like the ones I mention here , but these two were at the beginning of my Reiki career ! I am not saying I can cure you of your ailments, because truthfully you have to make up your mind you are ready for help to find out what caused your pain or suffering in the first place, than we can work together to make you a healthier, happier person :)

Wishing  you all the best , Kelly

Why do we think of food as a reward or a booboo fix ?

2013-02-11 00.13.40

I was out having breakfast with my son this   morning, when I noticed a little girl standing behind  her mother as she was paying the check,when the mother turned to leave, her purse hit the little girl and she fell to the floor! As the little girl began crying, her mother said ” Oh sweetie I am so sorry,how can mommy make it better? How about a   sucker?” As the little girl stopped crying she handed her the sucker and out the door they went !

As my son and I witnessed this, it made me think , No wonder there are so many chubby unhealthy kids, that turn into Fat Adults ! By us as parents giving treats, for good behavior, or sweets for boo boo’s, we are creating a future weight problem for our children !

How many times were you offered a cookie for something good you did ? Or Ice cream if you skinned your knee ? I can think of many times I was offered a brownie, or cookie, for an A on my report card, or Ice cream at Farrell’s Ice cream parlor for being quiet in church!

How many of you are guilty of bribing  your children with their favorite foods, to quiet them in the grocery store?  Or to get them to clean their rooms, you promise them Mcdonald's ? How many of you are in the habit of stopping for fast food instead of cooking meals? The problem is that as children we are  programmed, that we eat certain foods to reward ourselves or to make us feel better, which carries over to adulthood, and into our own children   I am sure you all have heard the word “comfort food “? Where do you think that comes from ? Many of us have grown up thinking that food makes us feel better ! The truth is …. it ends up making us feel worse ! I became aware of this fact when I grew up to be a FAT and Unhealthy adult ! I found that as I was growing up , any time I had my feelings hurt, or felt sad or lonely, or depressed , I would eat !!! Ho hos, Twinkies,  and my all time favorite doughnuts !! I hated myself, and my life, and the only thing I could enjoy was sweets !! Sugar gave me an instant rush while consuming it, but when the sugar metabolized , I was back to feeling bad again and would end up in a binge,  to get that happy feeling again !  I started to get fat and my father kept telling me to go on a diet ! I was monitored on the amount of food eaten at meal times to help me lose weight ! Little did Dad know that I had a stash of goodies hidden away for later , and so as not to get fat, I would purge to get rid of it ! It was a viscous cycle that darn near killed me !

I became bulimic in my teens, my hair began to thin, from lack of vitamins my teeth became week from throwing up all the time, I had dark circles under my eyes , and it got to the point that I could not keep anything down at all ! But hey,  I was thin, so I did not think I had a weight problem 

One night after a binge as I was purging myself to get rid of it , my stepsister  walked in on me sticking my finger down my throat ! She ran and told my Dad , he came in my room and found my stash of  Oreo’s,chocolate bars,M M’s ,and chips ahoy cookies under my bed !!  He punished me and took away all my goodies , The next day he took me to a psychologist, where I was put in the psych ward for a lovely two week stay, where I was put on medication and monitored 24 hrs a day to prevent me from throwing up my food ! When I came home,my Dad kept an eye on me to make sure I did not throw up after eating, and had my stepsister keep an eye on me from stashing food ! I was like a junkie!!! I needed my sugar , but knew I could not purge, nor could I gain weight , or Dad would know ! So I discovered EX-LAX !!! I could eat, and lose everything through the other end ! WoooHOOO !!! I thought I had solved my problem and my Dad never knew !

This went on as part of my lifestyle till I graduated high school and I moved out on my own ! I got tired of having to stay close to a bathroom ,so I stopped using laxatives, but would purge myself if I overate !  Little did I know, that the damage to my colon was extensive from the laxatives (which showed up later in life:(  ! At the age of 23 I met my first husband,who was a severe alcoholic and quite abusive when he got drunk  But such a nice guy when he was sober ! I had been with him for 5 yrs and at 28 I gave birth to my wonderful son Drew, My reason for living had arrived !

My husband went to work out of town the day my son was born for 6 months ,so  I was very happy being home with my baby and not having him around to belittle me and beat me up I had no reason to overeat !!  When his job ended out of town  he came home,and the abuse began again!! Although I was eating my comfort food again, I was working  for a construction company on the road crew, so I stayed very slim ,due to the hard work and  not having any time to binge eat during the day  When the job came to an end and I was laid off , I got a receptionist job at a propane company. My husband drank from the time he got off work till the bar closed every night:(  I began packing on the pounds again since I no longer had a physical job,  I went from a size 4 to a size 18-19 in nothing flat !! I was huge ! I started the laxatives again to loose the weight ! After 3 years of this  abuse on my body , I collapsed at work and was rushed to the hospital !

My insides were a mess and to top it off, I found out I had severe Endometriosis and had to have surgery to remove it ! During the surgery they discovered I had Cancer !!!! Oh my God the BIG “C” The doctor removed my Uterus which was full of Cancer !

It was at that moment, I decided to quit damaging myself, and start getting healthy for my boy ! My husband went out of town to work again, and I started my treatments for the Cancer (He and my family never even knew ) !! After 6 months I was done with treatments and the cancer was no where else in my body !! I was ready to get myself healthy for good this time !

I started working out every morning before work,and Jujitsu at night ,every time I thought of binging I would think of my son, as I knew I had to get healthy so I could take care of him and get away from the miserable SOB that I married ! I stayed focused on the big picture and taught myself not to look at sweets for comfort but as a once a week treat that I would allow myself  only if I lost weight :) Basically I had to change the way I thought of food, that it was fuel for my body and nothing more !

It was tough to retrain my brain that sweets are not for rewards, or for making me feel better when I was down, but only something to enjoy once in awhile for the Delicious taste, once in awhile ! I was motivated , that I would  raise my son different,so he would never go through what I had 

I never gave him goodies or fast food , but instead I would take him to have Sushi and go to a movie, which he loved !! For a reward I would buy him a skate-board, for a job well done ! I worked out every day and my son would  sometimes, ride his bike while I ran a mile or two  :)  To this day ….my son has never had a weight problem, nor does he think of sweets as a reward :)He works out daily, he cooks his own food, never has fast food ! He and I go to Sushi once a week and the rest of his time he eats  healthy:)  He skates for hours and is amazing to watch  :) He does not have a craving for fast food because I taught him at a very young age the fun in cooking meals at home together ! Oh and by the way….. He is an awesome cook !

So you see…… it is very easy to program our kids at a very young age for health and fitness, and it is a lot of fun to cook together, or workout, or hike together ! Instead of going for dessert, go for a bike ride, or a walk together with your kids, or make it a family affair to cook together, and to play together ! Get out of the house, and away from the video games, or the TV, and go have fun ! Take your kids to the park to play with the family dog , or throw the Frisbee, play, ball, or anything to get them active ! They will thank you in the long run and you will enjoy fun as a family !

Blessings my dear friends, Kellyann


Did you know that everything you say, do or feel has a long lasting result on your children from the day they are conceived in the womb, through birth, and on?

Let me explain…….. When I was a child barely 3, I remember my mom would come out into the living room in the morning wearing her stirrup stretch pants, and a white t-shirt she would turn on the TV to watch the Jack La lane show She would bring a chair into the room and begin doing the workout with Jack ! I would go get my little chair and follow along with her. I grew up to be a fitness trainer and actually used those same methods to train myself and my clients! I still do the Jack La lane type exercises!

This was a positive action from my childhood that affected me in my adult life

However what about the negative things we witness as children? For example: on the TV, or in the video games, or just in everyday happenings?

As parents we do our best to protect our children, So…..let’s say you are having marital problems, and you think it is better you stay together for the children's sake? So you play nice when around the kids and have it out when you are alone together! Or maybe you both just don’t talk to each other and suffer in silence? If you think your kids don’t feel what you feel and don’t know what is really going on ????? Think again !!

Children feel energy imbalance more than anyone, they get cranky, they cry a lot, they get sick, they get headaches and physical problems! The truth is that kids are new spirits and have not closed themselves off as adults do! As we grow up we are influenced by everything around us! We learn how to speak from our parents and our surroundings, we learn how to walk by watching, we learn how to eat by watching, and we learn how to think by watching, and listening! often times we do not realize that our baby has a little computer running 24 -7 and storing data that he or she sees, hears, touches, tastes, and experiences, that will shape him or her into the person they are destined to become! I know many couples including my parents that were miserable with each other, but stayed together “for the kid's sake” Which is quite possibly the worst thing you can do, let me explain why! My parents stayed together till I was 9 years old, they used to fight a lot especially when dad came home drunk ! he would smell like beer! My mother would send my sister and me to our rooms to keep us from hearing the fight that was soon to follow! 

When you are angry, or sad, you emit an energy frequency, that children can feel, and they, in turn, respond in the same way, angry, or sad! It does not matter if you smile and put on a front to them, they react to your true feelings! When my parents divorced I went with my Dad to live with him and his new wife :( I was so sad without my sister and my mother, and I soon realized that I was thrown right back into the same situation again of dad, drinking and being nasty to his new wife, as well as abusing me and my step brother physically and emotionally !

Our children grow up emulating us! I am sure you have heard the saying “girls grow up to marry men like their fathers ” “Boys grow up to be their fathers” “Boys grow up and marry women like their mothers” Now in a perfect world, if the child had a loving doting caring father, then that would be great ! However what if the child ’s father was abusive to their mother, either verbally, or physically, or God forbid sexually abusive to the child ?? The girl will grow up and marry an abusive man 9 times out of 10 just like I did ! Why, you ask? Because that is what she is programmed to believe is what she is supposed to do! In the case of a son growing up like his father, the same applies he will generally grow up to be an abusive husband and father because that is what he learned from his father :(

I ended up marrying a man exactly like my father, he was abusive, in every way possible, and I took it; till I had my son 6 years later! The moment I looked into my sons precious little face I realized I had to make some serious changes in myself and my life, before it affected him in a negative way, as I had been affected by my childhood!

My husband worked in the union, so quite often he would get work out of town, during which time, there were peace and quiet for my baby boy and me :)

On one of his visits home he beat me up pretty bad, so I started taking jujitsu lessons to protect myself from his abuse! I learned not only how to protect myself but also about my own self worth, that I deserved better ! I trained 6 days a week, and quickly moved up the ranks to a Green belt!

I remember the night I finally left…… My son was 4 years old, my husband came home stinking of booze and women, yelling at me to fix him his dinner! He came into my room jerking me out of bed by my hair, he told me to get up and fix him dinner, I put on my bathrobe and went out to the kitchen to cook him a steak and a potato to eat ! I served it to him and started to go back to bed. As I turned to walk away, he through the plate of food, hitting me in my head and knocking me to the floor! As I started to get up he grabbed me by my hair and threw me at the wall! My son came out of his room crying, and I told him to go back to bed! I started to run towards the bedroom when my husband grabbed me from behind! He was quite surprised when I reacted by throwing him over my shoulder cracking his head on the fireplace hearth! I then ran to my bedroom and locked the door! Little did I know that my 4-year-old son had dialled 911 and the police were on their way! The police arrived quickly and my husband was arrested !!! I left that next day and filed for divorce shortly after! I knew that I did not want my son raised to be like his father, so I took him away!

I know sometimes I can be pretty graphic in the way I explain things, but I just want you all to understand exactly what I am trying to share with you :( I was able to break the cycle for myself and for my son by changing our situation, getting us out of the bad frequency, and into a more positive and loving environment :) Even if it means you have to leave the one you are with, to protect your children, DO IT !!!

Thankfully, my son has grown up to be a kind, giving, and caring young man, and nothing like his father! Yes, it was hard to leave and start over! However; I am glad I was strong enough to break the cycle, so my son would not be doomed to be like his father, and end up raising kids that were like his father and on down the line!

The only way to prevent this from happening? Either seek counseling or change the situation, before your children grow up in it!

Blessings my friends!



Do you think there is another plane of existence for us after we leave our bodies ? It does not matter if you are religious or not, the point is that there is , in my opinion..... another plane of existence ! Let me just give you a few things to consider ......

 First of all , do you sometimes feel like you have been somewhere or met someone before, but knew you never had ?

My theory is this....
I believe we are given a choice of either being born into a human vessel, or we can stay in our own paradise and watch over others while they go through their assignment :)
Sound a bit science fiction, to ya  huh ? Think about this, Let's say we are all spiritual beings on another plane, and we are all allowed to choose our destiny, of  how our life is going to play out, it would explain the old quote "God does not give you anything you can't handle" Perhaps we chose our parents, our friends, our talents etc.? Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a kinship with them ? Perhaps they are there to guide you to the next step in your destiny ? I believe that we come to earth to learn new things , like we are going to school everyday,and we will continue  until we have learned everything we wanted to learn for this trip to earth:) I believe  we remain in these vessels we call our bodies until we have reached our ultimate goal, however; if we do not learn our lessons, we can not move forward!
I think that if we miss use our vessels and they break down before we have completed our assignment, we have to keep coming back till we get it right :)
OK try this one .... Think of life like a raging river that has large stones you have to jump to, you start from the bank and jump to the first stone, after you accomplish the assignment you jump to the next stone, and so on , but every now and then you fall into the river and you have to climb back up and try again ! Eventually you will reach the bridge where things are smooth and you can casually walk across to the other side , back to peace and paradise ! However,There is no easy way to get to the bridge, you have to accomplish each task  before you can move to paradise,so you can't force the issue !!!!  Life is a journey, it is full of good things and bad, but either way, they are all lessons to get you to your destination :)So what I am saying is that there is always a solution to life's ups and downs, and if you always look for the good in every situation, you will always find it, but if you remain in the past, you will never find your purpose !
 People tend to hold on to past failures instead of embracing them as challenges that give you strength for the person you are to become ! The past should be looked at, as just that !"THE PAST" If I  had dwelled on all my past situations, I would never have survived this far ! Realize this..... that you can control what you feel , but not what other people do or feel! No one can "make" you feel anything ! You chose to stay in the "VICTIM " mentality, when all you have to do is let it go and don't put yourself in that situation again !
Learn your lesson, and move on! 
written by, Kellyann novak 

Hello my friends, Kellyann here;angel_and_children

I wanted to share my thoughts about "Imaginary friends" What do you think they are ?

When we were children we all have had an imaginary friend or two right? Do you remember yours ? Do you remember what they looked like ? Who told us that they were imaginary ?  Our parents right ? As children; our minds are open to "all things are possible!"  However as we get older and more exposed to what "society" says is true or imaginary, we begin to lose our belief  in our "imaginary friends", so we forget all about them !

What if...... they were not just our imagination? What if.... they were our spirit guides or Angels , who were sent to earth  to help us through our trials and tribulations of life?

Perhaps;  As we grew up, they never really went away, but only became invisible because we no longer believed in them ?  I believe they are still with us and therefore are not imaginary at all ! No;  I haven't snapped my cap,just think about this..... When we are children with our innocence and wonder still intact,we are open to see our guides, or our Angels, as we have not been given any reason to not believe in them ! However; As we grow up and keep hearing from our parents  "That's Impossible, it is just your imagination playing tricks on you !" We accept it as truth and we refuse to see them anymore ! Our minds accept what we believe to be true, but if we no longer believe, than our minds refuse to allow us to see our Angel friends any longer :(  The fact is that part of the mind used for spirit communication is the imagination, so I would say that this is why children are more open to spirits or Angels, as they are  more free with their imagination,wouldn't you ?
Did you know that in the center of our  brain is a gland which scientists have discovered is actually very similar to an eye? It actually , has  the same rods and cones as our eyes do ?  This gland is called the pineal gland and I believe is our "mind's eye" and our link to the spirit dimensions :)
Mystics  refer to this as our  "third eye" or" Physic eye"  and is the gateway to the spirit or Angelic Realm!! I have mine open and I am therefore  able to call upon my Angels for my healing to others ! Whether you believe it or not, has no bearing on what I know I can see or  feel , as It is what you believe to be true ,that is true for you! :)

So...... the next time your child tells you they have a secret friend that only they can see ? Just listen to what they have to say, and don't condemn them or tell them ,they are not real, You might be surprised at what you can learn from your children! Be open to the idea that they have angels watching over them, and you might even  get a chance to see things through your child's eyes :)

Blessings, of love and light,Kellyann

What about "SOUL-MATES"
I believe that we all have a soul mate, but it is up to us to find each other! If things are not how you want them to be? Then change it ! Life is very short, and if you waste all your time trying to change someone to suit you, than you are spinning your wheels and not going any where !
 People ask me all the time "why are you still single ?" I answer "Because I have not met my soul-mate yet !" I am happy with me, and I am patient, as I know that one day I will meet my soul-mate when the time is right :)

 For example, how many couples do you know, that met and fell in love on the first date , and are truly blissfully happy ? It is rare but it has happened ! They were lucky enough to find each other and did not settle for someone they were not completely compatible with :)
Or maybe you know people that , have had several failed relationships , perhaps you fall into this category ? Are they or you ,perhaps repeating the same scenario over and over ? We are all creatures of habit, and we tend to stay with what is familiar, even though it does not feel good !  Think about this.... If you continue to have the same results every single time? What is the common denominator of the relationships ? "YOU"  You have to change yourself first, by treating yourself with love and respect otherwise how can you expect someone else to treat you with love and respect ? How can you expect different results if you keep staying with the same type of person ?
 So the question is ...how do you break the cycle ? Here's what I did ;  make a list of everything you want in a relationship, everything from how the person  looks, hair color, color of  eyes, smile, personality,be precise and have fun with it:) Think of it like putting in your order to the universe:)                                                                                                                      
What kind of a relationship do you think you deserve ? Is that what you have now ?  I believe that if you are meant to move on from someone, than you have already learned what you needed to learn from that person ! It  becomes extremely difficult to stay happy,and the longer you hold on, the more difficult things will become , you will feel disconnected, and agitated :( and eventually you will leave them or vice versa !! I believe it is the Universes way of pushing you forward to your next step, and closer to your destiny !
I know kinda strange huh ? However it does make sense if you think about it ?So my friends look within and find your happiness do not try to get it from outside , as it won't be there ! Find your own self worth, and everything else will fall into place !
I welcome your comments, Blessings, Kellyann


How Finding Your Life Purpose Awakens The Powers  within You !

I wanted to share this with all of you !!!!

Why is knowing our life purpose important in our life ?

This question is best answered  by Vishen Lakhiani’s theory on creative congruence or ‘Flow’. He states that we are most empowered in our lives when we are in a state of flow. Vishen writes:  As I've grown and matured I have noticed a recurring pattern in my life. Things move the easiest – business,family life, friendships, my goals - when I am in a state of Flow. What do I mean by “Flow”? It is a feeling of happiness in the present while having a positive expectancy for the future. But let me break it down further. The state of Flow has been described in different ways by different people. Tony Robbins calls it “State”. Jose Silva calls it “Expectancy”. Donald Trump refers to it as “Positive Stamina”. I believe they are all referring to the same thing. Flow is composed of two ingredients. The first is being happy in the now. This means being happy and joyful in your present state. It’s about enjoying the journey and not the destination.

The next ingredient is vision. It’s about having a powerful, beautiful dream for who you want to be and what you want to accomplish and contribute to the world in the future. So according to Vishen we need two things to be ‘aligned with the Universe’ and in Flow. We need to be happy with where we are right now. BUT We also need to have a Vision for our future. Now, here is a quick question on whether you are living your life purpose: Are you happy with what you are doing? Here lies the problem – many of us take on careers such as law, medicine or architecture because that is what our parents did or that is what we think will pay our bills and make us rich. For instance, you might not be passionate about accounting but your job pays for the house, the car and all the extra nice things you want so you stick to the job, not because you want to but because it is the practical thing to do. And yet, at the end of the day, are you truly enjoying what you are doing?

Ok let me interject here, and share something with you about my experience and why I agree with what is presented here; For example: I wanted
  to be in a job to help people,So I studied and trained and became a Personal trainer:) The bosses I had were very greedy,and self centered! I on the other hand was passionate about getting people results they seeked! I decided to take a huge chance and quit my job and start my own personal training business! Everything fell into place and my first business was born "Body By Design Personal Training and fitness" People told me to get a steady job,that I was crazy to try to train people on my own! I did not listen,because I was following my passion, nothing they said mattered to me! I ended up running "Body by Design from 1998 to 2004, than "kellyann's bikini massage" on the beaches of southern Ca.,from 2004 till 2006 turned into "heavenly Healing Hands Reiki" from 2006 to 2012, Now known as "Kellyann's Reiki,Spiritual Healing"! I followed my passion and I look forward to each and every day and in fact love my job:)   By Kellyann

Here’s the thing, if you are not enjoying what you are doing, you will never be truly great at it. Everything you take on after that will always be an uphill battle because you are not in that state of flow. Flow requires that you be Happy in the Now. A job that does not light the fire of passion within you will not do this. But it’s worse than that.  If you are not passionate about your job it is also very likely that you will not possess a grand vision for what you want to create and whom you want to be in respect to this job.
Both ingredients of flow are now missing. You are neither happy, nor do you have a vision of what you want to accomplish. Why is knowing our life purpose important in our life?  The truth is hard to swallow but here it is…

If you are stuck in this situation, the best tip Vishen Lakhiani can give you is to QUIT. It is never too late to start doing something that you truly enjoy. If you choose to continue being out of that state of flow, things will continue as before. But know this, stagnation is worse than change.

Stagnation breeds complacencin the worst possible way. Mediocrity will follow you like a shadow all your life. If you are not in your state of flow, you will only end up being a second grade architect, or a doctor that is just getting by, or a writer that just can’t make the bigger publishers squeal. If you are not happy and you don’t have grand visions of what you are doing, then this is a sign that this is not part of your life purpose. Now, reverse all those situations above and imagine yourself in a state of flow. What truly excites you? You could be anything you want and still do amazing things in the world. Yes there are wealthy lawyers, bankers and accountants. But there are also wealthy artists, blog writers and stay-at-home moms who run small home businesses. Even if you choose to be a graffiti artist, you could still be great at it. Take the graffiti artist, Banksy, for instance, who astounded the world with his guerilla street art, whose works have sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds, and is wanted by dozens of celebrity collectors including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Christina Aguilera. Or you could be a cook with a greater vision beyond the kitchen. Look at Jamie Oliver  the voice for a healthier diet. He changed the way kids in British schools eat and continues to educate people on the benefits of healthy eating.

 It is possible to truly thrive and be successful in any field but you have to be certain that this is the field for you to grow. There are mediocre carpenters and then there are cutting-edge furniture designers. There are common masseurs and then there are expert stress therapists. There are simple house nannies and then there are passionate governesses.

 When you are happy in the now and you have bold visions for the future, this is FLOW. When we are in a state of FLOW, so many things in our life just seem to go right. The right people step into our lives, the right opportunities fall into our laps. It is as if the Universe is conspiring on our behalf. When you’re living your life purpose, you cannot help but be happy and have grand visions of what you want to do. You’re in Flow. And the world is a far more beautiful place not just for you, but for every life you touch.