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Angels and Reiki

I Know my Angels do you know yours?
It was 2002  that I vividly remember my first encounter with Arraylea, 

one of my guardian angels .
It was late at night , I was sleeping when my ” than” husband Yelled  “OH MY GOD”!!! Startled I sat up, “What’s wrong honey “?  He whispered  “DO YOU SEE IT ? I tried to focus, I said “What?, Where ?”  the  room was  dark accept for the small stream of  moonlight coming through the bedroom curtains .  He said “There is  a demon in the room , look at the clothes rack do you see the two red eyes ” ?  My husband was on high doses of pain killers and anti depressants at the time due to a sever back injury, so I figured he was hallucinating, until  I looked at the clothes rack, and thought I saw a strange shape with two burning red eyes !!

All of a sudden there was a blue glow in the corner of our bedroom and a beautiful white haired young woman appeared wearing a blue flowing gown  , she floated quickly across the room to stand  right  bedside me ,she looked into my face, and  strangely enough ;  I was not afraid of her ?

Suddenly the shape jumped at my husband as he threw the blanket over my head pulling me into him ! He yelled  “Go away , She belongs  to me !!,”YOU CAN NOT HAVE HER “!!! I was terrified I could not believe what was happening !! Suddenly I  felt a  warmth all around me ,and heard a soft sweet voice say   “I AM ARRAYLEA  I  AM ALWAYS WITH YOU YOU ARE SAFE KELLY, HIS DEMONS CAN NOT HARM YOU”!!  The next morning I noticed the clothes rack that the creature was on was broken !!!

My belief  is ; that because my husband was severely addicted to pain killers, and other drugs, he had opened himself up to demons ! Sounds crazy ?? I know , but I know what happened and it made a believer out of me !!!

My guardian Angel Arraylea was there to protect me from His demons  !

The next time I heard Arraylea was in 2004 in Southern California …..Due to an attempt on my life !!

After being strangled by a towel , I could feel myself  slipping away,I was definitely headed towards the white light,  When I heard a soft voice say “WAKE UP KELLY, WAKE UP, YOU HAVE A SON WAITING FOR YOU AND MUCH WORK TO DO !  Somehow I awoke !  I found myself in a strange motel room alone ,naked, and abused ! Everything from the room had been removed accept for the towel that had strangled me to death was tied around my throat !! 
The maid found me dazed and confused wandering from from room to room knocking on doors begging for help wrapped in a towel,and called the police and motel manager,   The manager brought me a phone and a large t-shirt to cover myself with ! I called my son and told him where I was and what had happened ! He called a friend and told me he would come pick me up , The officer told me he would take me to the bus station after I was done at the hospital, getting checked out.  I told him I had no money, he told me “You have been through enough sweetie, I will take care of it for you ” he actually bought me a ticket to LA Bus station !!  My son picked me up 4 hrs later .

A FEW WEEKS LATER ,  my son joined the Army (to get us out of the situation we were in) I moved back to Vegas to live with my girlfriend and her family, as she nursed me back to health mentally, as well as physically ! I was back on my feet within a few weeks and so began my Massage business !!

It was a year later,  I had moved into my own home , when I met Anthony another angel guardian of mine  :)

It was 2:00 AM  after I had received a frantic  call from my son , It was his first tour in Afghanistan and his friend had been critically injured while on maneuvers ! He was so upset, I knew I had to hold myself together , to get him through it, and I did just that ! After I hung up I broke down in tears , crying out loud “Please Please bring my son home safe and all in one piece “!!!!  When all of a sudden, I heard a young mans voice speak to me in the dark "NO WORRIES MISS KELLY" ” HE HAS SOME VERY IMPORTANT TASKS TO COMPLETE , AND A VERY LONG JOURNEY  AHEAD “!!  I was frightened at first but then a calm washed over me like the time I met Arraylea the first time, I asked “who are you “? He replied “I’M ANTHONY MISS , I AM ALWAYS ABOUT, your son is ALWAYS protected and being watched over”!
Suddenly I felt better and  was no longer scared about my son being there ! was it my imagination due to my despair?Or, was it really a guardian angel?

For  four  years I waited,  knowing that my son would be home safe and sound :)

My son is now home after filling his 4 year term with the Army and in fact …… is a decorated war hero as well left the Army as a 22 year old  Sergeant !! He did his duty and came home safely just as Anthony told me  !! I believe it really was my guardian angel that came to me that  night :)

I believe that we all have experiences such as mine in one way or another , and that we all have our guardian angels with us, in fact mine help me with some of my more advanced healings :)

However ,they can not interfere with your life unless you ask for them either in voice or circumstances beyond your control :)

I believed the  comforting voice that came to me in the night…. had soothed my pain,and got me through my sons entire tour :)

So….. is it not a comforting thought to know …..you will always get what you ask for in your heart ,as we all have an angel or two watching out for us , and if you listen to your intuition, and react to your gut instinct you will never go wrong ,as that is them helping you along your journey of life .

One restless night ……. I heard my  Angels say  , ” YOU ARE DESTINED FOR SOMETHING WONDERFUL ! “DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS ” !

OK Now , Don’t worry I have not snapped my cap , I’m just telling you what I heard :) I don’t believe in organized religion,but I am a very spiritual, and a loving woman and I do believe in Angels, and a higher power, does it really matter what we call him ? Whether it is the holy creator, the higher power, God, Jehovah, Allah, or whatever?  Don’t you think we all have the right to believe whatever we  feel within ourselves ?, I often wonder why can’t people just love each other, and get along ?  Why does everyone always worry about what everyone else is doing, or what they believe ? Why do they think they are right and everyone else is wrong ? I know there is definitely something out there watching over us , but I also understand that we were given a brain and the ability to figure things out to get us through our trials and tribulations through life ! I do not agree that if you sit and wait, God will fix everything for you…. I believe that if you work hard and stop crying over your past, put one foot in front of the other you will be able to move forward to your dreams and that is exactly what I can help you with :) !
The past can only hurt you if you let it ! Put it away, and start living for your future !

Does anybody truly know the real truth ? I would say that nobody will know till they leave this life. My belief is this.... I think of my body as a rental,that I am using to see this amazing planet ,and when the miles run out on my vehicle I have to go home to get a new one :) 

So here I am , 8 years later…. I am living in a lovely home ,driving my dream car, and have my son home safe and sound now living with his amazing girlfriend! All because I believed in what my Angels said ,  ” YOU ARE DESTINED FOR SOMETHING WONDERFUL ! “DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS ” !

Namaste, my friends;


Written by Kelly Novak

Angels and Crystals

Not only can angels be contacted with the help of crystals but crystals can also be  programmed to work with the angelic realm in healing. Certain crystal properties lend themselves to the opening of the heart and third eye  chakras (love, healing and intuition) which is the energy centers mostly used for making contact with the angels and archangels during healing.

Once you have programmed and dedicated a crystal to the angels it can be used in a myriad of ways for example:

    • Crystals can be used for angel meditation.
    • Crystals can used when asking for guidance and help from angels.

  • Placing crystals in a room for healing with angels.
  • Placing crystals on photos when sending angel healing to the past, present or future.
  • Placing crystals on paper with writings to the angels that you need to manifest and/or change
  • Carrying crystals dedicated to angels with you for healing, support, inspiration or protection.

Your imagination is your only limit as to how you can use crystals and the angels to improve, change and heal your life.

Angel Crystals

Amethyst This is a most extraordirary and powerful spiritual, protective and calming crystal and is one of the premier gemstones for connecting to the Angels, Archangel Zadkiel, your Higher Self and the Master Teachers. It is a powerful transformational healer transforming blocked energies as well as encouraging spiritual growth.

Angelite Angelite is a compressed form of Celestite and its banding often resembles Angel wings. It is an opaque, blue and white crystal, sometimes containing flecks of red. As its name suggests, Angelite is said to help attune the user with the angelic realm, to facilitate angelic contact and attunement. This gemstone also vibrates to Archangel Uriel and brings inner peace, tranquility and calm. It encourages also encourages self devotion.

 Apophyllite is a powerful energy transmitter and its presence in a room enhances the healing energies whether from angels, Reiki or the use of other crystals. It’s high frequency work very well with the angelic realm and other than Selenite is powerful enough to cleanse and clear quartz crystals. It activates the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras, making them more receptive to spiritual energies and can transfer ideas gathered from the higher domains to be used with the conscious mind.

 Celestite (also known as Celestine), from the Latin “caelestis” meaning “celestial” or “heavenly”, was aptly named, for these dusky sky blue crystals have a very ethereal appearance. It is also called the “Stone of Heaven” partly due to its soft celestial color and it was once believed to have been created by “angel song from the celestial choirs”. One can access the angelic realms and Celestite has beneficial “stories to tell” through channeling angelic wisdom. Some even say it originally came from the cluster of stars known as the Pleiades (commonly called the “Seven Sisters”) and that it holds celestial wisdom.

Moldavite - Moldavite is one of my favorite stones, it is “the extraterrestrial meteorite” and is a powerful crystal for connection to the universe and Cosmic Messengers. It has an extremely high energy vibration and are among the most powerful gemstone tools for spiritual development and expansion of consciousness. They seem to engender an acceleration of one’s inner growth and evolution. It opens, clears, energies and aligns all of the chakras and can greatly enhance the effect of other crystals taking them to their highest vibrations.

Selenite - Selenite is an alternate name for the mineral Gypsum. It has the appearance of fine ribbed ice and the energy of pure white light, higher consciousness and transcendency. It is highly calming and its luminescent quality helps to focus the mind which is a very desirable state for effective communication with the Angelic Realm. It opens the upper chakras rather quickly, allowing spiritual connection to come forward from the angels. I also use Selenite in my Angel Crystal Grid to ask the angels to step forth and assist me with healing.

We all have guardian angels and throughout our lives, angels who draw close for a period of time, to help us with a specific project or challenge. The most important thing to remember is that for the angels to help you, you must ASK first. We all have free will and the angels cannot interfere in our lives without us asking for their intervention.

To anyone interested in finding out more about their guardian angels, the Archangels and Ascended Masters, I highly recommend Doreen Virtue's books. Her words will go straight to your heart. Most of the information listed below comes from Dr Virtue's teachings and book "Archangels and Ascended Masters".  

I have listed below the Archangels and what you can call on them for. However the best way to work with angels is to focus on the issue at hand and call on the angels, archangels and ascended masters who can help you with it.  This way, you are open to receiving the best help in the highest way.

Divine Magic
Healing and protecting wildlife, fish, birds        
Pale pink

Comforting dying and grieving
Crossing new souls over
Grief counseling
Support for the grieving

Career, life purpose
Finding lost items
Relationships, building and strengthening
Soulmates, seeking out
World Peace        
Pale green

Adopting/conceiving a child
Artists and art-related projects
Journalism and writing
Television and radio work        
Dark yellow

Grace, bringing it into our lives
Healing abilities
Moon energy
Psychic ability, esp. clairvoyance        
Pale blue (almost white)

Making life changes
   Psychic dreams and interpretation        
Reddish purple violet

Artistic projects and artists
Beautiful thoughts
Interior decorating
Slowing down from hectic pace

Children’s issues
Recordkeeping and organization
Spiritual understanding
Green and dark pink

Commitment and dedication to beliefs
Energy and vitality
Life’s purposes
Space clearing
Spirit releasement
Worthiness/self esteem        

Resolving arguments
Cooperation, harmony
Defending unfairly treated
Empowerment for underdogs
Mediation of disputes
Aqua blue

Eliminating addictions
Eyesight, physical and spiritual
Support for Healers
Healing for humans and animals
Finding lost pets
Space clearing
Spirit releasement
Travelers-protection, orderliness, and harmony        
Emerald green

Divine magic
Esoteric information
Psychic abilities

Delivering prayers
Determining sex of unborn babies        
Turquoise (dragonfly energy)

Divine magic
Earth changes
Problem solving
Spiritual understanding
Studies, tests, students
Pale yellow

      ARCHANGEL ZADKIEL:        
Finding lost objects
Forgiveness of self and others
Healing, emotionally and physically
Memory enhancement
Studies, students, tests
Dark blue