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                             How I Became a Spiritual Healer
This video is just a bit about who I am and why I do what I do ! 

This is only a brief description of how I started ,the full story is listed under "my thoughts and stories" 

I moved to California in 2004 from Las Vegas. At the time, I was a certified fitness and nutrition expert and trainer. I tried everything to make my fitness business work,in California but there were way too many trainers out there.So I decided to learn a new trade,and since I was well educated in the human body and how it worked I chose massage:)

 I took night classes for awhile! I found I was quite talented at massage, and I loved it! Although I was not certified, I had no choice but to put what I learned to work for me, or my son and I would be homeless!
I knew I needed a gimmick to make me different than everybody else!
So since I lived near the beach, I decided to take my table and do bikini massages in beach towns  up and down the coast ! Kellyann's bikini Massage was born!
In April 2006 I moved back to Las Vegas and began doing outcall massage. 
In April 2007 I finally got my own cute little house where I could do massage at my home and not do out call anymore.  

I built my reputation and my business,by staying focused on what I needed to do,in order to achieve my goals:) I loved having my own place to work,and I worked hard to create the most relaxing and enjoyable massage I could,with the most comfortable atmosphere possible:)People said they felt warmth and a tingling sensation when I touched them?

In November 2007 I saw the movie “The Secret”  I began applying it’s teachings on a daily basis ! I listened to Wayne Dyer,Louise Hay,and Ester and Jerry Hicks the teachings of Abraham ! I learned to love and respect myself,as well as love and forgive others:)

3 months later  I moved into a big beautiful  house with 4 roommates to offset my cost for rent and was doing quite well! I had a  beautiful place to work and call home.
It was July  2009  I was in my special store getting candles for my treatment room when a strange woman came up to me and to my surprise she gave me a hug  ! I asked her “Do I know you ?”  She replied “I saw your Beautiful aura, you're a Reiki Master !! I said ” No I just do massage” :) She told me "Oh Honey you are so much more than that, You have a great and powerful gift !" "You are A powerful Reiki Healer !" She asked if I would let her train me ….she would prove it to me ! The next week I began my reiki training and within 2 months I was a certified Reiki master  September 2009 ! That is when I changed my business name to “Heavenly Healing Hands Reiki” Which is now known as "Kellyann's Reiki Spiritual Healing"!

The energy that flowed through me was warm and tingly for me and my clients, and I was taking away pain and putting people in remission,from cancer,& crohn's disease,as well as reducing swelling from diabetes ,removing chronic back pain ,shoulder injuries, etc.  It was amazing as I felt the energy surge through me and into my clients ! 
 I changed my business by no longer offering a bikini massage, as I had enough confidence in my healing abilities I no longer needed it :)  

I have relocated to the Northern California area since July of 2017 and have great success in the healing of many people with chronic issues with such as hips, legs,backs,shoulders, etc. I recently assisted a man who started out in a wheelchair, when I started his treatments in August 2017 , I promised him he would dance on Christmas!!! I am happy to say He just text me Dec 26th 2017 " I danced on Christmas!""Thank you Kellyann"!!! I have become so much more than a Bikini Masseuse! I am an Ordained Minister as well as An Ordained faith Healer, Reiki Master Spiritual Healer! I have a deep Profound love for what i do with the Gifts I was blessed with!
I feel I have been truly blessed with these  amazing gift,

Let me help you to be the best you can possibly be!

Namaste, Kellyann